Transformative workout for body and mind using mobility drills, flexibility, strength and conditioning techniques to unlock your own graceful state of flow.
The Practice will challenge and enlighten you while building a strong, lean and resilient body. You will learn tools to empower your life.

The Practice by DK sessions are a chance to move with flow, alignment, and purpose wherever you are. Sessions incorporate the fundamental components of the Pilates Method, Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditation teaching you how to expand your practice from an integrated base.


Mind Developement through movement practice, strong, pain free & gaining cognitive aspects. Work precisely, take it step by step, listen to your body and let the intergartion of your own structure set you free!

Mobility: Mobility first! Mobility is our body’s own anti-aging agent. When you bathe each joint in a nutritive and lubricative flow, you revitalize your energy and prepare your body for the Conditioning part of our session.

Conditioning: High repetition targeted moves linked to one another. The chosen exercises are related to the mobility drills and the flow we are working on.

Centring: It is time to drive full attention to ‘the centre’ of the body and realise that all movements start from it – “The Power Centre”.

Flow: After we condition the components of a sequence we will work on how to transition from one component movement to the other with unbroken continuity until we establish fluid mobility, strenght & control. You can take it slowly and keep focusing on the mobility aspect or you can speed it up and work on your stamina and elevation of heart rate.

Meditation: Time to cool down and to drive the attention inwards. Attention energises and intention transforms.


Self Knowledge & Acceptance: True Freedom begins with self knowledge & acceptance. No comparasion & without pre established stereotypes. Rescue of identity and self love.

Be Willing To Evolve: We maintain our desire for growth, while confronting challenges with fluidity and curiosity.

Focus on How It Feels: Rather than how it looks. We drive the attention inwards and work on how vital, strong & free we are to deal with life’s challenges in the best way as possible.

Nature Empowers Us: Reconnection with our essence & potencialize our purpose in this life. We salut Mother Nature for caring, nourishing and loving us despite anything – and in return we care, nourish and love ourselves to help heal humanity’s greatest challenges and build a life of well-being and happiness.

Be Real: Come from an authentic place with integrity and compassion. Do what feels natural. We focus on staying true to our higher self.