The "True Pilates Method"

When it comes to Pilates – Pilates it is!

Danielle & her team of teachers aim to provide quality teaching of Classical Pilates method in effort to further expound upon the brilliance of this method in a clean, concise and creative way, giving you a varied, dynamic, challenging workout. Whatever your level or physical ability, you will be challenged physically and mentally.

The well-choreographed exercises flow seamlessly from one to the next, and are adapted to the specific needs of your body. Move with great concentration, precision and dynamics. Work your whole body, inside and out.

You will benefit from a stronger, leaner, more toned body. It is excellent for core strength, injury rehabilitation, back problems, post natal, alignment, mind body connection and general health and fitness. Pilates is gentle enough for pregnant woman and challenging enough for the super fit! Danielle is certified in New York by Romana Kryzanowska, a protégée of Joseph Pilates and practice ‘The True Pilates Method’.

This method is a particular way of teaching, it strives to remain truthful to Joseph Pilates’ original teachings.


We offer Classical Pilates Studio sessions on apparatus and mat in a private and exclusive fully equipped studio. Danielle divides her Pilates teaching practice between Marylebone – Central London at The Field  and at her Private studio in Brockley – South East London.

We work with Gratz Apparatus. No other apparatus so faithfully preserves the precise form and function of Joseph Pilates original signs.



We consider this to be the most efficient way of learning Classical Pilates as you have the total attention of your teacher. Classical Pilates modifies exercises to the needs and fitness levels of the individual and this is most effective in a private session.

Pilates has a language of its own and with one-to-one tuition your skill level and knowledge will improve quicker.

All Private sessions are according to appointment at a time of your convenience. In person & Online sessions on request.

“I set up my Pilates studio as a centre of excellence for people wanting to practice ‘true’ Pilates. There is no physical pre-requisite to benefit from Pilates – come as you are! And challenge yourself…”
– Danielle Kleber


“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality,
invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”
– Joseph Pilates, 1945