Committed to the idea that exercise is more than just physical exertion Danielle Kleber has successfully brought her dedicated clients to new levels of conditioning and personal satisfaction. Danielle’s unique methods of visual imaging and unswerving dedication to clients have earned her a position as a very passionate teacher.

Movement was always Danielle’s true north. During a challenging childhood, Danielle learned that her internal compass was grounded in her ability to self-regulate with mindful physical training and expression through movement.

Danielle started teaching physical education to various background, age groups & gender at 18 years old and found that her true passion was helping others find joy through movement.

Danielle Kleber is the founder of The Practice by DK & Co- founder of The Field – Training Lifestyle Centre. She has studied Sports Science to BSc Level, and her passion for yoga, dance, martial arts and surfing was channelled into her researches into the relationship between body and behaviour.

Danielle is a Classical Pilates Teacher & Movement Lifestyle Coach. She offers Classical Pilates sessions and a transformative & accessible ways into mindful Movement Flow practice and Meditation ~ The Practice by DK.

Danielle has used her expertise to heal herself. Using Pilates to address postural issues caused by flat feet. After learning deep postural control through Pilates, Danielle has embraced the rigours of strength training in all planes of movement, and became a clubbell-wielding CST instructor, what leaded and directed her into a strong and consistent yoga practice and became a yoga teacher too.

Over the past 24 years Danielle has developed a high level of technical skills in the area of well-being, exercise rehabilitation and movement conditioning, offering an experience which ensures positive results enhancing one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Driven by a sense of connection to the emotional level & spirit, she immersed herself too in different healing practices, prayer, meditation, and psychotherapy work – for a deeper understanding of the many “layers” of human body.

Danielle brings to training her unique vision of motion, and a sincere talent to teach. She believes the combination of mobility exercises, stretching, strengthening and the understanding of body movements will make people able to flow and perform any exercise in harmony: Functional and Powerful.

In her personal life, Danielle is Brazilian born based in London for almost 20 years, wife and mother to two endlessly curious and energetic children. Danielle loves nature and always felt a very strong connection to it – specially the sea. She believes connection with nature can help heal humanity’s greatest challenges today and build a life of well-being and happiness. In the body, through the body and beyond it.

Mindful Movement wherever you are.