Be strong, resilient and free through a transformative workout for body and mind.

Be strong, resilient and free through a transformative workout for body and mind.

Why The Practice?

The Practice by DK is a chance to move with flow, alignment, and purpose wherever you are.
It teaches you how to expand your practice from an integrated base.

Start your journey now to a better version of yourself.


Danielle’s intuition, grace and positive energy is rare. With her guidance, I have found freedom and strength in my body. Whether it’s through Zoom or in the studio, her excellent attention to detail and clarity of speech never wavers. Danielle manages to make the impossible possible in using language to truly get to the heart of an exercise that can be difficult to put into words. She truly cares about her clients not as clients but individuals, and she has a smile that can light up the whole room! I cannot imagine working with anyone else and I am so grateful for her practice.

- Shoag

I have practiced Pilates for many years, but never found a teacher of the calibre I have discovered in Danielle. Her level of expertise has taken my work to another level. I have learned how much can be achieved and have grown physically and mentally from practice with her.”

- Lynne

The first time I met Danielle was in 2011. Pilates was brand new to me then. Because of a condition I was born with that has left me with two dislocated hips, I never expected Pilates would be for me. Danielle has been exceptionally supportive in creating routines that suit my capabilities and work on strengthening my body. Almost a decade on, I feel more in control and comfortable in my movements than I have ever been under Danielle’s careful and compassionate guidance.

- Huda

Feel freedom, be strong and vital, and have a sense of calmness with the practice guided by Danielle. We all need this in our lives, so I couldn’t recommend this enough.

- Claire

Danielle Kleber has the gift of mentoring and supporting people with great ease. She has a lifetime of knowledge on health, wellness & fitness that makes her one of the best coaches in the biz. I worked with her recently and she was able to make a major difference in my life. I urge you to take the time to gain her wisdom.

- Eva

Danielle has provided me with excellent instruction and teachings over the last few months. While the time we have had together has so far been short, she has not only helped transform my body’s movements but also changed the way I think about strength, mobility and flexibility. At the core of all the classes has been lessons on how to connect the body to the mind, and vice versa. This is no easy feat, but with Danielle’s guidance I have already learnt so much and I am excited to continue this journey with her!

- Farah

Mindful Movement wherever you are.

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