In Windows 10 this will copy it to your clipboard, so you’ll need to paste it into another program to save it; in Windows 11, it’ll both copy and save it to the Screenshots folder right away. In Windows 10, the screenshot will be copied to your clipboard. To save the file, paste the screenshot into any program that allows you to insert images, like Microsoft Word or Paint. The app lets you Save the screenshot in PNG, JPEG, GIF or MHTML file formats and it also lets you email the pictures to your friends and colleagues. You can choose the folder where the file will be saved, and if you are not happy with the result you can click on the New icon to take another screenshot.

Widen your field of view to show more of a landscape or fit large, distant objects into the frame, such as the mansion in the example above. This is one of the best ways of conveying the scale of a landscape or object, but don’t go too far with it. You’ll get a fish-eye effect if you overuse it, making your image look warped and unnatural (unless that’s what you’re going for). Just because you can slide the FOV all the way to the end doesn’t mean you should—everything in moderation. With any composition technique involving action or people, make sure the subject is positioned, so it’s entering the frame, not exiting it. It’s called ‘falling off the edge,’ and it happens when the object seems to ‘aim’ outside the frame of the shot, via either its movement, its eyes, or its focus.

For hardcore gamers, Windows 11 comes with the tools to take full advantage of your high-end rig. It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, which offers better visuals and frame rates on supported games. Many new game titles have dedicated visual settings that take advantage of DirectX 12 Ultimate to provide better performance and visuals. In this guide, I’ll take a closer look at the process of restoring a BitLocker-encrypted drive from an image… Setupconfig.ini is a file in which we can add command line options to Windows Setup. Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use.

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Replace “Public” below with a private Group Name to enable Privacy. You can then share it with others to form your own private groups. Present a computer display, webcam, or a region of interest as NDI output with audio. Display options—borderless output, flip, VU meters, tally, and more… Obtain the TURN server’s URL and Port from your System Administrator, and enter them in the appropriate boxes.

BlueJeans is a video meeting service that allows you to host online conferences, video meetings, and live video calls. BlueJeans allows you to save your video meetings thanks to its recording function. Here is how to screen record on Windows with audio using BlueJeans. Your screen recording is now saved to a folder called Captures, which is inside your Videos folder. You can, of course, change the default location by clicking on Browse, setting the destination folder and click on OK.

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A small, lightly fragmented drive can take as little as 5 minutes, while a large, highly fragmented drive could take hours. Windows 10 does not automatically defrag SSDs, but there are third-party utilities available that can optimize SSDs. You primarily need to download and launch the tool. You can use the button below to install Disk SpeedUp on your PC successfully. Finally, some computer manufacturers have changed the installation directory of where Defrag is located.

Windows 11 removed support for 32-bit x86 CPUs and devices which use BIOS firmware. Unlike previous versions of Windows, requirements for upgrading a computer to Windows 11 are not solely based on processor speed and type, minimum RAM, and available hard drive space. Windows 11 provides improved security features and functionality, requiring TPM 2.0 and UEFI to support the new, improved security.

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